Connecting the MarcDuino Slave Board

A HP Controller MarcDuino board can be added to control 6 Holoprojector servos. This board also connects to the JEDI display system, a Magic Panel display, and an RC Channel for manual control of the HPs (vertical movement only).

The board should be connected as shown (click on the image to enlarge):

Connecting the logic display is optional. It will make your lights sync up with the other effects, and allow you to display text via the R2 Touch interface. Any Display System that implements the display commands described here and connects on a serial port at 2400 bauds can be substituted. For now I support the Teeces and the JEDI display. The newer R-Series Logics is not yet supported.

Connecting the Teeces lights to the MarcDuino

Although the picture above shows the JEDI display, the MarcDuino now supports the more common Teeces, provided it is uploaded with my sketch (more about it here: Teeces Logics Lights).

The Teeces connects to the slave MarcDuino HP board right where the JEDI Display used to go. There are only two wires to connect:

  • One between the two grounds of the Teeces and MarcDuino. If you power the two using the same source, this ground wire is not even necessary.
  • The other wire goes from the PC0 ouput on the MarcDuino HP to the wire marked RXI or RX0 or simply Rx on your board. I do not control the HP lights from the Teeces, so connect these directly to the MarcDuino as in the diagram above.
That's it, your Teeces logics and PSIs should respond to all the regular R2 Touch app commands and effects.

Connecting the JEDI Display lights to the MarcDuino

Follow the picture above. The MarcDuino only uses the display section of the JEDI system (display controller board shown above, 3 logics and PSIs), not the whole system.
The holo lights connect directly to the MarcDuino board.

Connecting CuriousMarc Hololights to the MarcDuino

The HoloLights connect to the SRV7, 8 and 9 headers. They just use two bottom pins, connected to the input port (polarity is important). You can power the HoloLights batt ports from the MarcDuino as shown in the graphics, or from any other battery source. It does not matter if the other source doesn't share a common ground with the MarcDuino power, so you can use a completely different battery for that.

Connecting Michael's Wheeler Magic Panel to the MarcDuino

The Magic Panel output is on the SRV10 header. It is compatible with 3 types of magic panel lights:
  • A simple LED in series with a 1k resistor between the signal and + (middle) pin of the SRV10 header. This is useful for testing, and could be bright enough in a simple setup using a high brightness red LED.
  • My own Holo Lights . Just replace the white LED with one or several high brightness red ones, or place a red filter over the regular one, and voila, you have a magic panel lighting system. See diagram above for the connection diagram.
  • Michael Wheeler (mcwhlr) awesome Magic Panel. See this page for the connection diagram.