Testing the MarcDuino boards

Before connecting a full system,  it might be useful to test the MarcDuino connected directly to a computer and a few servos.

For a simple test, you'll need
  • A few spare servos
    I use Hitech's inexpensive HS81 for test, or HS-65MG for the panels.

  • An RS232 level adapter like this one from SparkFun:

Connect the RS232 adapter as follows
    Tx-O to the RXD pin of the MarcDuino (pin PD0)
    Rx-I to the TXD input of the MarcDuino (pin PD1)  

Connect a few servos to the servo 1-10 ports on the board.

You'll end up with a system that looks somewhat like this:

Use a Terminal Emulator program to connect to the serial port.

I like to use TeraTerm as a terminal emulator, HyperTerminal which comes with Windows works also (although make sure to disable the annoying local echo).

TeraTerm Home Page

Teraterm Download Page

Connect to the serial port to which your adapter is connected (in my case COM4), 9600 bauds, 1 stop bit, no parity.

As soon as you power the board, you should get a greeting message from the MarcDuino:

From there, you can type any command described in the command reference. For example, to open all panels, type:

Your servos should move to the open position.

To close all panel servos, type

Your servo should go back to the close position

To try a panel sequence, type

An alternating sequence should come up.