Holo Lights

Holo Lights now available for purchase

As of Nov. 2015, fully assembled CuriousMarc Holo Lights are a continuously available, Council Approved run. They are available from Glyn Harper. The thread for signing up is below. Among other things, they connect directly to the MarcDuino v2.


And of course you can still build your own following the simple instructions below.

CuriousMarc Holo Lights

I developed these lights to replace other disappointingly dim and unfocused lights that had been offered before. This upgraded version (v2.0) is perfect for the MarcDuino v2 that has direct wiring sockets for it, but can be hooked up just as well to an unmodified JEDI Display, Teece's lights or an Arduino controller. In fact think of them as super LED replacements: since they are externally powered, opto-isolated devices, you can just plug them in any circuit instead of a traditional LED, regardless of voltages and ground in the original circuit.
CuriousMarc Holo Light v2.0 fit exactly in any of the holo projectors.

Here is  a video of an earlier version of the lights. The new ones are slightly different for compatibility with all lighting systems.

Holo Lights v1.0

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