R2 Touch iPhone App

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R2 Touch is a remote control iPhone App for controlling R2-D2's gadgets, lights and sound. It works in conjunction with my MarcDuino automation boards. The iPhone communicates with the MarcDuino's either via the iPhone internal WiFi radio or with an external XBee radio.

The latest version (release 1.3) supports playing sounds from the App itself, so you don't even need a Droid to begin the fun. It also suuports using a Bluetooth speaker to play the sounds in your R2. This allows a particularly simple beginning setup to support just sounds, which does not require any additional hardware besides the Bluetooth speaker.

For a detailed description of R2 touch, click here.

For a introduction to the several MarcDuino configurations, click here.

See the video below for a quick demo of an early version using the XBee radio:

R2 Touch

MP3Trigger Sound Support

The app has now been updated to use the internal iPhone WiFi radio for a simpler setup (although you can still use the XBee external radio, which is the recommended configuration for large gatherings and conferences).

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