Adding sounds to R2 Touch

New sound support in R2 Touch v1.3

R2 Touch v1.3 adds the ability to play R2 sounds from the iPhone itself (in addition to triggering remote sounds on the MP3 Trigger or CF-III sound system located in your Droid). This way you can enjoy R2 Touch even without a Droid... This also allows to use Bluetooth sound in the Droid.

However since no sound is distributed with the app, it is silent by default. You have to upload your own sound files to the app before local sounds can play. Fortunately, the mp3 sound files you need for the iPhone are the exact same as the ones used for the MP3 Trigger sound system, and use the same naming convention. So the easiest method is just to use the default MP3Trigger library of sounds and upload it to the iPhone, as explained below.

Here are the instructions to upload the default sound files to the app:

Download and unzip the MP3Trigger file library (can be found at the bottom of the MP3Trigger Sound page here).

Connect your iPhone device to a computer running iTunes. Click on your device in the left tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom. The R2 app will appear as a file sharing app. Click on it. A list of the files used by the app should appear, you should see some setting files already, this is normal.

Select all the files from sound archive that you just unzipped and drop them in the R2 Touch Documents window to add them to the app documents.

Sync your iPhone with your computer.

Start R2 Touch. You should be greeted by the startup sound. If not, go to the R2 Touch wrench, make sure the "Play Sounds on iPhone" is turned on.

Modifying/Adding sounds

The sounds on the iPhone work exactly the same way as the MP3Trigger sounds (actually the sound engine on the iPhone is an emulator of the MarcDuino MP3Trigger setup). To modify an existing sound, just replace the file with your own mp3 with the same file name. To add more sounds, create new mp3 files  using the exact same naming convention described on the MP3Trigger Sound page. Replace/add the R2 Touch sound files via iTunes method described above and resync your phone. Modify the name of the sound buttons as described in Customizing R2 Touch.