Complete AGC Restoration Series Playlist:

Episode 1-4: AGC Schematics

Restoring the AGC

We embark on the restoration of the computer that put man on the Moon.

Here are several references to the schematics of our AGC

Download a .zip archive of all the schematics:


Scan of Original Handbook with AGC Block II Schematics


Or browse individual pages here

Top Level Schematics:

Logic Level Schematics

Nicely organized table of the schematics, original from: https://www.ibiblio.org/apollo/ElectroMechanical.html

Episode 7: Erasable Core Memory

Memory Module B12 Video

This video explains what's wrong with our memory module.

Core Memory Explained

This video explains how core memory works, which is helpful to understand the previous Module B12 video.

For those who want to try their luck at spotting the break in our inhibit wire, here are the memory module XRay files

For those who volunteered to re-weave a core memory module, we offer the following documentation as a form of encouragement:

Here is some more information for our intrepid core memory weavers:

The wide temperature lithium cores spec.

The 4 wire weave pattern. Wire gauge is 38.

A partial view of how two core planes address and sense/inhibit wires are connected. The AGC memory is a one giant memory mat, so the wires have to be continuous across the whole 16 bit plane mat.

The complete view of the 32k core mat.

The folding pattern.

And some of the drive electronics you'll need to replicate for testing. Happy weaving!

Episode 8: Malco Connector Drawings

Restoration Update:

Samtec remakes the Malco connectors, Mike turns the AGC into a Blinkenlight machine.

The connector drawings, known as SCD (Specification Control Drawings) for the Malco MiniWasp connectors, can be downloaded below.

Episode 9: IRIG Gyro Documents

Unboxing my IRIG gyro:

We look at a few military gyros and then unbox a real Apollo IRIG gyro

Episode 10: Mike Stewart AGC Emulation Hardware and Software

Mike Flies P63, Lunar Landing

Mike Stewart has developed gate accurate FPGA replicas of the AGC and its test hardware. It represents a massive amount of work. If you are Mike, you can use it to fly the real missions, and simulate every signal in the AGC. Making this work is not for the faint or heart and requires intimate understanding of the AGC hardware and software. We offer no instructions and no support.