MODELS 14, 15 AND 19

Teletype Model 19 Restoration Series Playlist:

Episode 1-3: Main Documents

Teletype Model 19 Restoration

This videos is a demo of our fully restored Model 19 and Model 15 5-bit Baudot Teletypes.

Here are some main references to Model 15/19 Teletypes

Navy Guide to Teletypes

Model 15 Printer

Model 19 Table

Model 15 Keyboard and Punch

Link to Mr RTTY

Episode 2 Documentation: TTYLoopDriver and BaudotRSS

5-Bit TTY Interfaces

In this demo we use a modern 60 mA interface to print newsfeeds on our teletype

John Nagel TTYLoopDriver

John Nagel Baudot RSS and how to install

Episode 4 Documentation: Power Supply

REC-30 Teletype Power Supply

This high voltage DC power supply uses blue-glowing thyratron tubes.

Ken Shirriff's in-depth article about the power supply:

Power supply schematics:

  • electrical schematic
  • actual wiring schematic

Episode 5-6 Documentation: Model 15 Keyboard and Punch

Keyboard and Punch

It takes two episodes to repair the keyboard and the tape punch unit. The punch counter gives us particular trouble.

Model 15 Keyboard / Punch

Punch Adjustments

Annotated Keyboard Schematic Picture

Annotated Keyboard Wiring Picture

Episode 9 Documentation: Model 15

Fixing the Model 15

Getting our Model 15 to work necessitates a deep dive into the actual wiring and adjustments of our particular unit. We unearth a few subtle faults introduced during a previous restoration attempts.

Model 15 Adjustments

Model 15 actual wiring picture

Episode 12 Documentation: Model 14 T/D

Model 14 T/D (Transmitter Distributor)

This units reads previously recorded punched tapes for transmission.

Manual of the Model 14

Model 14 Adjustments

Model 14 Schematics Picture

Model 14 Actual Wiring Picture

Episode 13 Documentation: Model 19 Table

Model 19 Table Wiring

The complete rewiring of our Model 19 table forces us to finally reverse engineer the apparently incomprehensible wiring arrangements.

Annotated Picture of AC wiring

Annotated Picture of DC wiring

Annotated Picture of signal wiring

Episode 14 Documentation: Adding the Motor Stop Feature

Adding the motor stop feature

Quite a number of features are optional on the series 15. In this episode, we add the motor stop feature.

Picture of Motor Stop Feature Components

Link to Mr. RTTY

Episode 15 Documentation: Model 14 Reperforator

Model 14 Reperforator

We add one final piece of 5-bit teletype equipment: a reperforator.

Model 14 Reperf Manual