Soyuz Clock 444H

Flown Soyuz Clock Model 444H

I bought this clock at an auction ( It is authenticated to have been flown in a Soyux TM spacecraft, but unlike the Apollo hardware, there is no way to track a particular item number to a specific flight. There are quite a few versions of this clock. This digital clock replaces an earlier, spectacularly beautiful mechnical version.

Video Playlist

Part 1: Discovering the inside

Part 2: Reverse engineering

Part 3: First power up

Part 4: How precise is it?

Part 5: External functions

Part 6: International Atomic Space Clock

Ken Shirriff's Reverse Engineering Notes

Ken Shirriff reverse engineered the clock, and talked about in episode 2. He posted a detailed article about what he found:

He was kind enough to scan his notes which you'll find below:

Soundtracks from the episodes

These are the often requested odd Russian folk sound tracks appearing in the episodes.

The original Tetris game soundtrack, as performed by my Mac SE/30 on a subtle background of disk drive rumble:

The Soviet national anthem:

Clock Dimensions

Several viewers have expressed the desire to make a model and/or a 3D printed version of the clock. It's not quite fully together yet, but enough that I could get outside dimensions and a few pictures which are close to orthoscopic and should enable you to get the rest once you refer to the sketched dimensions. If you ever make a 3D model, please contact me so I can post it here.