Soyuz Clock 444H

Flown Soyuz Clock Model 444H

I bought this clock at an auction ( It is authenticated to have been flown in a Soyux TM spacecraft, but unlike the Apollo hardware, there is no way to track a particular item number to a specific flight. There are quite a few versions of this clock. This digital clock replaces an earlier, spectacularly beautiful mechnical version.

Video Playlist

Part 1: Discovering the inside

Part 2: Reverse engineering

Part 3: First power up

Part 4: How precise is it?

Part 5: External functions

Part 6: International Atomic Space Clock

Ken Shirriff's Reverse Engineering of the Clock Innards

Ken Shirriff reverse engineered the clock, and talked about in episode 2.

Ken Shirriff's Soyuz Clock Reverse Engineering Notes

Ken Shirriff Article about the Soyuz Clock

Ken has written a detailed article about what he found:

Soundtracks from the episodes

These are the often requested odd Russian folk sound tracks appearing in the episodes.

The original Tetris game soundtrack, as performed by my Mac SE/30 on a subtle background of disk drive rumble:

The Soviet national anthem:

Clock Dimensions

Several viewers have expressed the desire to make a model and/or a 3D printed version of the clock. It's not quite fully together yet, but enough that I could get outside dimensions and a few pictures which are close to orthoscopic and should enable you to get the rest once you refer to the sketched dimensions. If you ever make a 3D model, please contact me so I can post it here.