Soyuz Clock (Mechanical)

Soyuz Space Clock (Mechanical Version)

After we restored our digital Soyuz Space Clock , collector Steve Jurvetson lent us the previous mechanical version of the clock for restoration. It is downright spectacular.

Interactive 3D Model

Viewer Michaud Venant made a virtual interactive 3D model of this clock. You can move it around, turn the controls, and generally play with it at:

Video Series

In the first video, we open the clock, make a few repairs, and manage to make it work again.

The video above is an excerpt of the livestream of the clock opening. It took us a whopping 7 hours, but if you go to the chapters I have highlighted the interesting moments.

In part 2, we take a much closer look at the details of the clock, how it works, and exercise every button and every remote function

In part 3, I build a box for driving the clock as a present to its owner...

...You can see me delivering it to Steve a few episodes later.