Treo 650 Hacks

Treo 650

I found my old Treo 650 in the bottom of one of my drawers. It was one of the first smart phones that actually worked well, and had useful apps. I tried to do something fun with it. Turns out you can transform it into a small serial terminal, and even run Linux on it (kinda sorta).

The Treo 650 as a terminal

Made a serial cable adapter and turned it into a Mini Serial Terminal. Here it talks to a MarcDuino! I will post more details when I find my notes on this project.

The Treo 650 runs Linux

Turns out a bunch of crackpots found the drivers and made a version of Linux that can run on the Treo, including booting in graphics mode. Just because I could... Also more details when I find my old notes.