Modern Electronics Fails and Repairs

Modern stuff fails too. Not my favorites repairs, but they are useful to people and also chronicled on the CuriousMarc YouTube channel. Here you will find more in-depth material related to the videos.

This section is under construction and most projects don't link to anything yet. Please be patient as we construct the site.

If you really don't want to throw it away, you might be able to repair it. Very difficultly.

If you are like many others, yours will soon fail to charge or even turn on. Time to change the battery.

It's very nice, until it just shuts off randomly on you. At which point it is not nice at all anymore, being a real pain in the rear end to service.

Since mine had failed during the above heroic repair, I might has well tear it all down and find out what it's made of and what caused the fault. Turns out to be a very impressive piece of technology.

Like all the others, this originally nice screen has died from capacitor plague. Which gives us a chance to take a detailed look at the inside of a failed Chinesium capcitor (and compare it to a good Japanesium one).

Scanning vintage documentation and manuals is an arduous task. But it looks like the affordable CZUR scanner could help a lot.

The LED light bulb should last much longer than traditional ones and save you money. But they don't: I have had very many failures. We find out why by taking a failed one apart.