CuriousMarc's HoloLights

Update: Holo Lights now available for purchase

Fully assembled CuriousMarc Holo Lights are now continuously available from Glyn Harper through a Council Approved run. The thread for signing up is below.

And of course you can still build your own following the simple instructions below.

CuriousMarc Holo Lights

I developed these lights to replace other disappointingly dim and unfocused lights that had been offered before. They plug right in the MarcDuino v1, v1.5 and v2, but can be hooked up to anything. In fact think of them as LED replacements: you can just plug them in any circuit instead of a traditional LED, regardless of voltages and ground in the original circuit. They can be powered by a completely different battery source than the circuit they are plugged in.

Testing the Holo Lights

The Hololights have 4 wires, and they all have to be connected for it to work. The IN +/- wires connect where the original LED would go, and the BAT +/- wires go to the battery source. To use outside of a LED circuit or simply test, just connect the two IN +/- wires to the BAT +/- and power it up. It should light up, very brightly.

Note that the brightness and good focus is due to the particular white LED choice. If you change it for something else (in particular a much cheaper LED), the result might be much dimmer.

Here is a video of a slightly earlier version of the lights. Mostly the same, you'll get the idea:

CuriousMarc Holo Lights v2.0 PCB, Files and Documentation

- Documentation for building and hooking up the Holo Lights is available on on this thread.

- The PCB is available for purchase at Oshpark:

- The parts list is below, file downloadable here.

- Fully assembled Holo Lights runs have been made, look at the parts section on

HoloLights BOM 04

Connecting the HoloLights to the Marcduinos

This is the most common use of my Holo Lights.

Diagram for the MarcDuino v1 is here

Diagram for the v1.5 is here

Diagram for the v2.0 is here

Connecting the Hololights to other systems

You can connect the HoloLights to replace any LED in any circuit. They are opto-isolated, so the HoloLight supply can be a different voltage or a completely different supply than that of your original circuit. The supply ground don't even have to be connected. Simply connect the Batt+ and Batt- to the power supply used to power the Holo Light (which again can be the same as or different from that of your circuit). The signal leads (input + and input -) are connected to the LED you are replacing.

Here are two common examples for the older JEDI and the Teeces systems. Note that this assumes an older Teeces system controlled by your own sketch, not a MarcDuino sketch. For the Teeces with the CuriousMarc sketch controlled by a MarcDuino, the Holo Lights connect directly to the MarcDuino Slave, and not to the Teeces.