This is  a companion site to my CuriousMarc YouTube Channel and my R2-D2 Build Log. On this site you'll find documentation and more information related to the various projects and machines featured in the videos: vintage computers, Apollo space hardware, mechanical calculators, HP test instruments, my R2-D2 robot and other random repairs and builds. 

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Actually, just the links for the stuff I use in the lab that I have found to be useful: tools, components, glue, and associated weird stuff that's difficult to find yet so useful. The channel gets a small commission if you buy from the link, but it costs you nothing more.

Restoration Projects

You'll find lots of background materials with details, documentation, schematics, etc... about the restorations featured in the videos.

Note: This site is always under construction... I often implement a page when someone asks for more detailed materials about a video. Just ask in the comments if you need more info, that will give me enough incentive to complete the relevant page!

Some Videos About the Channel

This will give you a flavor of what to expect.