SK-10 Data Panel

This should really be named CuriousMarc's SK-10 Data Panel Sketch.

The SK-10 Data Panel lives behind one of R2 front doors. It is actually never seen in the movies, but an image of it was made up for the Star Wars Visual Reference book and it caught on. A&A makes a styrene kit, and Glynn Harper sells an electronics board for LED lights that fits it.

But that board is just for the LEDs and the driver chip, and has no smarts in it. To make them blink, you need to connect it to an Arduino, loaded with a program (sketch) that sends commands to the driver and LEDs. Unfortunately the default sketch is very basic, and does a very step-like, mechanical blinking effect.

So I rewrote a new, more elaborate one which gives a more organic feel and is entirely adjustable. See the before and after in the video below:

The sketch needs the LEDcontrol Library. You can download the whole package here:

Update 05-31-2014, sketch with CBI added

User Vashadow added support for the CBI (Charge Bay Indicator) to my sketch. See his post here.

I don't have a CBI panel so I have not tested it, but it works in Vashadow's video!

You can download the CBI+DataPanel sketch here: