CuriousMarc's R2-D2

My life size R2-D2 replica exhaustive build log is hosted on the forum, which is the site run by the R2 Builders Club. I have also developed various parts and electronic systems and then made them available to the club. The MarcDuino automation system is probably the most famous of them. Reference information about these various systems is hosted here.

A selection of CuriousMarc's R2 videos. See R2 being built and in action.

The source of it all. This will take you to my detailed build log, from start to finish. You will need to sign up for membership to view the blog (it's free).

The MarcDuino system uses the iPhone (or Android) R2 Touch app and MarcDuino boards to control the sounds, lights and panel movements of R2-D2. Learn how to build or install yours here.

This is the iPhone app that goes with the MarcDuino boards and allows you to play sounds and remote control the dome and gadgets.

(Note: there is also an Android R2 Touch app not build by myself, but developed with my blessing. It is not supported by me, but by Astromech member KG 204, more details here)

The recommended MarcDuino compatible sound system.

A more expensive, full featured sound system with integrated amplifier that also works with the MarcDuino.

My own version of the Teeces dome lights with a sketch that makes it compatible with the MarcDuino system.

Very bright holo lights that you can build yourself or order. They will fit perfectly in your holoprojectors. They are primarily meant to be triggered by the MarcDuino boards, but can be hooked to any other system - or a switch.

A "2-3-2" Droid is one that can switch from standing straight up on it's two outer feet with the central foot retracted in the body (the "2" position), to a rolling stance with the center foot extended in front (the "3" position). All without face planting during the transition...

When I joined the group, there were no good plans or 3D models of the dome and the radar eye. Measurements from my 300mm dome (from Darren Murrer and Cole Horton) and the rediscovery of an original dome plan sold at Sotheby's enabled me to make accurate models, which were later integrated in the revised 300mm domes.

A nice extra quick build. This just links to the video playlist. I never made a build log of this...