MarcDuino v1


The MarcDuino v1 is a DIY board. In most cases, you'll need to build two boards: a Master and a Slave. The two boards are identical. The only difference is the firmware that's loaded on each.

Materials List

Bare Boards

Available from Oshpark, you need to order 2 (one for the Master, one for the slave):

XBee Breakout Board

Needed to connect the XBee radio to the Master.

Power Supply

Usually Droids run on 12V batteries. You'll need a good DC-DC converter to provide solid 5V to the MarcDuino and the servos, which take quite a bit of amperage. This 5V 9A switched power should do the trick:

AVR Programmer

Needed later to upload the firmware to the board. I like this Pocket AVR Programmer from Sparkfun:

XBee Programmer

To connect an XBee to a computer. Needed to program your XBee or WiFi radio, . Useful to test the radio links too.

Miscellaneous cables

For anything: (1 pack)

Master Power Cable: (1 or 2)

Mater to Slave Power jumper: (optional, can be done with the loose cables above)

Order the components below, quantity is PER BOARD, so order twice as much for two boards:

MarcDuino v1 Components BOM