Original JEDI JawaLite Reference

Here is Scott Gray's original JawaLite command set for the JEDI system (for reference only)

General command format: xxTyyy

xx = one or two digit destination address 
 0  sends the command to all parts of the display
 1  Top Front Logic Display (FLD)
 2  Bottom Front Logic Display (FLD)
 3  Rear Logic Display (RLD)
 4  Front PSI 
 5  Rear PSI
 6  Front Holo
 7  Rear Holo
 8  Top Holo

T = one letter command, as below: 
 T  display mode
 P  parameter
 W  wait
 D  HP off
 M  Set message (for logics)

yyy= parameter value or message string, varies in length and meaning depending on the preceding letter command, see below.

"T" commands summary

 T1     default
 T2     flash - permanent on logics/PSI, but HP off after 2s. Follow by a 0W4 to silence after 4 seconds
 T3     alarm - permanent on logics/PSI, but HP off after 2s. Follow by a 0W4 to silence after 4 seconds
 T4     short circuit - lasts for 8 seconds or so
 T5     scream - similar, lasts for a short while
 T6     leia - looong 20 seconds
 T10    Star Wars
 T11    Imperial March - no HPs. Looks more like an "error"
 T92    Spectrum - "Disco" display, works on front logics only
 T100   Display message on logics

"P" commands summary

 6P91   change HP do digital - will change all HPs
 5P91   change PSI to digital (if Velchecks PSIs connected to rear PSI)
 0P61   characters to Aurabesh
 0P60   characters to Latin (normal)

"Wyy" wait command summary

Cancels the previous mode after a yy seconds, doesn't work reliably on all modes. 
For example
 0T2     starts flash mode
 0W4       will stop flash mode after 4 seconds 

"M" display text message commands (1=top FLD, 2=bottom FLD, 3=RLD)

 3MHELLO WORLD   \r sets rear logic text to "HELLO WORLD   ", only caps recognized

Example of text handling
 3Mmessage to display in caps\r     presets the text of the logic, but does not display it
 3T100                              switches to message display, of message previously set
 3P61                               changes to Aurabesh
 3P60                               back to Latin
 3T1                                display back to normal random pattern

Holo handling does not follow a consistent syntax (6=front 7=rear 8=top holo)

 6P91   change all HPs to digital
 6T1    turn holo on (this is weird, as 1 should be normal off!)
 6D     turn holo off
 6T4    flickers holo for 4 seconds (using short circuit mode)
 6T6    flockers holo for 11 seconds (using Leia mode)