Space Hardware

My vintage computer restorations are chronicled on the CuriousMarc YouTube channel. Here you will find links to material related to the restoration videos.

This section is under construction some projects don't link to a page yet. The ones that do are at the top of the section. If you need some info about a particular item, just let me know , that's usually a good incentive for me to write up the page in question. 

Restoring the revolutionary computer that put man on the Moon.

We try to power up the entire Apollo S-Band communications system.

The schematics for my Quindar tone generator hack. Add the Apollo beeps to your microphone setup!

We reverse engineer and power up a flown clock from a Soyuz TM spacecraft. 

The predecessor of the digital Soyuz clock above. This one is mostly mechanical, and maybe even better, except for the noise!