Firmware Source

MarcDuino v1 Firmware Source Code

For MarcDuino v1 Boards only!

Master Firmware Sources

Slave Firmware Sources

MarcDuino v2 Firmware Source Code

For MarcDuino v1.5 and v2 boards. Can also be run on MarcDuino v1 after some rewiring.

Modifying the firmware

If you want to modify the firmware, you'll need to setup C cross-compile development environment. Follow the links below for a step by step setup guide:

It's not open source license, but for private use, feel free to modify to your liking. If you want to make a commercial run including the original or a derivative of the code, please contact me first.

Beware that the MarcDuino are programmed using regular C and my own libraries, and I used every bit of the capability of the language to enable real-time multiprocessing, optimize memory, and access every last feature available in the Atmel processor. It is therefore far more involved than the simplified Arduino programming. However it is heavily documented, and a few users have been successful in modifying the code.

For example, user Maxstang has provided a nice How-To on how he modified the firmware to make new panel sequences: