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R2 Touch is the companion iPhone App to run the MarcDuino boards. It is a remote control App for controlling R2-D2's gadgets, lights and sound. The iPhone communicates with the MarcDuino's either via the iPhone internal WiFi radio or with an external XBee radio.

It supports playing sounds from the app itself, so you don't even need a Droid to begin the fun, and all you need to get started with a Droid is using a Bluetooth speaker to play the sounds. But of course, when connected to the MarcDuino boards, it can do much, much more.

For a detailed description of R2 touch, click here.

For a introduction to the several MarcDuino configurations, click here.

See the video below for a demo (using the dual XBee radio setup):

Demo of the R2 Touch iPhone App

Then I got better, made it work with the internal phone WiFi, and released it to the App store .

R2 Touch (release version)

All about the R2 Touch App

The links below will take you to the reference pages that show you how to use and customize the R2 Touch App.

straight from the Apple app store

Complete guide on how to choose, build or order and connect the MarcDuino boards.

R2 Touch has the ability to play the R2 sounds on the iPhone (in addition to playing them in the Droid of course). Because of copyright limitations, the app cannot be distributed with the sounds. Here is how to add them back, which I highly recommend.

Most R2 Touch buttons are customizable. Here is how to do it.

Most people use the built-in iPhone WiFi to control R2 Touch. However, using WiFi in crowded spaces (think large conventions) has link reliability limitations . Here is how to upgrade to the unbreakable, instant-on, never drowned out XBee to XBee radio link.