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We exhibited the working setup for the first time at DesignCon 2023 in Santa Clara, CA. The exhibit was sponsored by Samtec.


Unified Side Band Documentation

Traveling Wave Tube Documentation

Transponder Documentation

Deep Space Network



Apollo 13 Incident Audio and Power Distribution Schematics

Documentation for this  video

The Apollo 13 incident recording I use in the video is here:

Apollo 13 Incident Audio Composite Loop (2hr50min).m4a

An even better way to listen to the Apollo 13 audio is to go to:


Select "join at launch-1m", then  pause it and go to mission time 55:54.

To get an even better listen to the EECOM debug, go to the Mission Audio Control tab, and click on EECOM. You'll hear even more of the backroom discussion between EECOM and EPS.

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