R2 Touch

Customizing Buttons

Most button titles and resulting MarcDuino commands can be customized in the settings menu. So you can pretty much change what each button says and does.

Go to the settings menu using the "wrench" button:

Scroll down to the Customize Keys and Action section, and choose the screen that you want to customize:

A menu with all the editable button names and action strings appears:

You can type any ASCII string in the action field. This is the string command that will be transmitted via the chosen communication method when the button is pressed. The code for the commands is explained on the MarcDuino Command Reference page.

Special Characters

Strings can include the following special control characters:

\r is used for the carriage return character (0x13). All MarcDuino commands should end with the \r characther.

\n is used for the line feed character.

\p is used to insert a 100 ms delay in the serial stream (use it to separate consecutive commands and allow the receiving processor time to execute them). You can use several \p in a row to create a longer delay.

xx has a special meaning in screens where separate element can be selected (Panel, Holo and Logic screens). If a commands includes xx, the command will be sent as many times as there are panels or holos selected, with the xx token being replaced by the number of the panel (01, 02, etc...). A delay is inserted between successive commands, it is 50ms in the Holo and Panel screens, and 100 ms in the Logic screen.

Special Non-Customizable Buttons

Some buttons cannot be customized:

- The top row buttons related to selection control (for example, "Select All" buttons in the Holo and Panel screen for example) cannot be changed.

- The titles of the sound rosace buttons can not be customized (but the actions can).

- The title of the half round button to the left of the top row (usually Off or Reset) cannot be customized.

- The Auto button at the center of the sound rosace has two actions, one when turned on, and one when turned off. In the Rosace Key settings page, the 'on' action is Key 9, the 'off' action is Key 10. - The green arrows at the bottom of the keyboard are used for keyboard navigation and are not customizable.

Settings Files

Your customized button names and actions are saved in a setting files set. You can reset the files to their defaults by using the "Reset to Defaults" button in the settings within the app. This will replace the preference files with a copy of the factory originals. If you want to preserve your modified settings, make sure to download and archive them before using the Reset function.

Settings files can downloaded, archived, edited, and uploaded directly on a computer via iTunes. They are iOS p-list files, which is actually simple XML, which you can read and edit with a text editor.

To access the settings files, connect your iPhone device to a computer running iTunes. Click on your device in the left tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom. The R2 app will appear as a file sharing app. Click on it. List of the settings file will appear. Save the ones you want to download or edit to your desktop (there is a small save as… button):

Files can be edited as plain text (use WordPad if you are on Windows, not Notepad).

You can re-upload settings files by adding them back in iTunes and re-syncing your device.