My Vintage Equipment

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CuriousMarc's collection demo

Many instruments in my collection are shown in this video. It is both a nice demo of vintage gear and an intro to this website and the CuriousMarc channel.

More video links to item showed:

0:00​ HP 9825T Calculator

0:22​ HP 2645A Terminal

0:31​ HP 1607A Logic Analyzer

0:44​ Soyuz TM Space Clock power up

1:00​ FACIT 1131J Nixie Calculator

1:10​ CURTA mechanical calculator (no video yet from me, but here is a good one from Techmoan:​ )

1:27​ HP 85A computer and HP 7225B plotter

1:50​ HP 5223L Nixie Frequency Counter (no video yet on this one)

2:08​ HP 8566 Spectrum Analyzer

2:32​ Teletype Model 15 demo

3:31​ R2-D2 3:42​ HP 8568 Spectrum Analyzer​

3:58​ IBM 029 Keypunch demo

4:10​ Xerox Alto Part 1 4:12​ Teletype Model 19 Part 1

4:14​ Apollo Guidance Computer Part 1

4:26​ Apollo IRIG II Gyroscope

4:29​ Inside the Soyuz TM Space Clock

4:35​ Antoine's Fossil CPUs

4:40​ Bob Rosenbloom Vintage Computer Collection 4:43​ FORTRAN on the IBM 1401

4:47​ DEC PDP-1

4:58​ HP Switching Power Supply Repair Part 1

5:08​ TI LED Watch Chip

5:22​ HP Microfiche donation

5:27​ Playing with Core Memory