No long repair videos here. Just popular demos of vintage stuff that finally works. Mostly videos from my CuriousMarc YouTube channel.

This section is under construction and most projects don't link to anything yet. Please be patient as we construct the site.

Model 19 Teletype Demo

IBM 1401 Demos

At the Computer History Museum

PDP-1 Demo

At the Computer History Museum

HP 85 Computer and HP 7225 Plotter Draw Anime

Xerox Alto Demo

With Master Ken Shirriff

HP 85 Computer, HP 7970 Tape Drive and HP 2631G Printer

conspire to make ASCII art

Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator Demos

Art Photography with Kevin Twomey

Oscilloscope Music

Featuring the amazing art of Jerobeam Fenderson

Vintage Computer Festival West 2016

Showing off some of my HP collection

Vintage Computer Festival West 2017

Our Xerox Alto gets a price