No long repair videos here. Just popular demos of vintage stuff that finally works.

The first digital communication equipment, all electro-mechanical, in sturdy military guise. You'll be amazed at what this 1930's era hardware could do. No wonder it stayed in use until the 1980's.

The amazing 1959 computer that can display high res graphics, uses a pen, and plays music and video games.

The 1980 scientific calculator & lab test controller gets a little loose and does art instead.

The genius machine that invented the modern personal computer, complete with a graphic user interface, a laser printer, and an Ethernet connection, from way earlier than you think.

The diminutive HP 85 is hooked to professional IT peripherals from the 1970s for seriously noisy ASCII art production.

Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator Demos

The 1957 mechanical calculator that helped calculating orbits of the Mercury missions shows its mettle.

Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator

Friden STW 10 Mechanical Calculator Demo

Featuring the amazing art of Jerobeam Fenderson

Art Photography with Kevin Twomey

Showing off some of my HP collection at the yearly vintage computer exhibition, and the most notable vintage computers from my fellow exhibitors.

Our restored Xerox Alto got a price, and was in good vintage computing company.