Dome & Radar Eye Plans

Dome and Radar Eye Plans

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I created a 3D model and 2D plans of the dome and the radar eye from original drawings, photographic research and existing club parts. The domes used in film droids vary slightly and the whole story on how I derived these are available in this thread here:

Most of the inconsistencies I uncovered during this exercise were corrected in the later dome runs.

CuriousMarc's Dome Plans

CuriousMarc Dome Plans v3.pdf

CuriousMarc's R2-D2 Dome 3D Model

Original Dome Blueprint Drawing #60

The discovery of an original dome plan in 2011, in conjunction with my dome plans, allowed us to compare the differences of the then current 300mm dome with the original plans. Note that the plans were not strictly followed for the actual build, so this was just a hint. The final say comes from the picture and actual historical dome measurement. But this pointed out the main areas of discrepancies, which were minor. The club dome has still been tweaked, most notably the position of the rear dome buttons.

Original Dome Blueprint #60.pdf

Dome Ellipse Profile

If you are brave enough to make your own dome, you will first need to know the profile, which is not spherical at all. The profile originally came from a (slightly dented) film set projection lamp reflector, in which the first prototype dome was cast, including the dent. The profile of the reflector was an ellipse:

CuriousMarc's Radar Eye Plans

CuriousMarc Radar Eye Plans.pdf

R2-D2 Dome Renderings