Vintage Test Instruments

My vintage test instrument collection is predominatly HP, with a few Tektronix and others mixed in. They are mostly higher end instruments, with a bend on RF/microwave. When I get the instruments, as gifts, off eBay or lab rejects, they usually never work. Or if they do, they will fail shortly thereafter. Not to worry, we always get them to work. The repairs are chronicled on the CuriousMarc YouTube channel. Here you will find more info and links supplementing the videos.

This section is under construction and most projects don't link to any page yet. The ones that do are at the top of the list. If you need some info about a particular item, just let me know , that's usually a good incentive for me to write up the page in question.

Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope Repair

This is the vintage 'scope and repair that began the collection. This is a legendary and famously expensive instrument. This is the first scope capable of 10 GHz bandwidth that I ever laid my hands on, at the beginning of my career at Bell Labs in the early 1990's.

HP 8568B and HP8444A-Opt 59

1.5GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

My HP 8568 has the dreaded YTO unlocked error.

HP8444A-Opt 59

1.3GHz Tracking Generator for the HP 8568

This is the special version of the HP 8444A that works as a tracking generator for the HP 8568.

HP 8662A

10KHz-1280 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator

My 8662A, the fabled gold standard of synthesized low-noice oscillator, is in trouble. Let's fix it.

A tracking generator for the HP 8566B

100Hz - 2.5GHz tracker

I hack an HP 83522A plug in to transform it into a low-band tracker for the HP 8566B up to 2.5 GHz.

HP 59401A

HP-IB Bus Analyzer

An early, specialized logic analyzer for HP-IB bus sniffing and debug. It allowed me to reverse engineer my HP 7970E tape drive complicated sequence of commands.

HP 1607A

Logic Analyzer

With this one, you literally see the ones and zeroes! Made to generate a vector display on an X-Y oscilloscope, this is one of the very first logic analyzers from HP. With about zero memory, but more features than you'd think.

HP 461A

1 kHZ - 150 MHz Amplifier

This one first appeared in the 1965 catalog, and was still there in the 1981 edition! A very oldie but still goodie. We recently used it to make ferrite core memory tests.

HP 6060B

Electronic Load

Bought for cheap at an auction, this very useful instrument sure did not work at first.

Tektronix 577

Curve Tracer

A classic instrument, suffering from a classic failure.

Data IO 29B

ROM Programmer

It was the king of ROM programming at the time. Mine (from eBay) needed a lot of TLC.