HP 9825 Scientific Desktop Computer

HP 9825 Videos:

For now the HP 9825 just makes a few cameo appearances in my other videos, like here in my HP DC100 Cartridge restoration video at 18:03:


Full videos about that great computer will be coming up.

Introduction to the HP 9825

The Hewlett-Packard Journal edition of June 1976 gives the best overview of the HP 9825:

Steve Leibson has an entire web site dedicated to the HP 9825, recounting its history from inside HP and its lineage starting with the quintessential HP 9800 calculator and the HP 1000 16-bit mini-computer:

The HP Museum has good documentation although naming is hard to follow. Here the whole series in the context of 98x5 computers:

My own curated version of the manuals is further below. It is a renamed version of all the manuals I could find on the net with own additions of missing manual I scanned.

HP 9825 Manuals (Marc's curated collection)

HP 9825 Schematics

HP 98035 Real Time Clock Module Documentation