Using v2 Firmware

on Marcduino v1

It is possible to run v2 firwmare on v1 boards. v2 adds I2C support, and support the REON Holos lights out of the box. Because the I2C pins have to be liberated, pin outputs have to be switched around, which leads to a slightly different wiring diagrams.

See at the bottom of the page for a quick summary of the pin changes.

Master Connections for v2 Firmware

Slave Connections for v2 Firmware

Pin changes short story

To run v2 firmware (instead of v1 firmware) on v1 boards:

On the master

- Connect Sound on pin PC1 instead of PC4

On the slave

- Connect Lights on pin PC1 instead of PC0

This liberates pins PC4 and PC5 for I2C usage (PC4 is SDA and PC5 is SCL).

Pin Changes long story

Pins assignments have been switched around in the v2 firmware to liberate the I2C pins and allow for future extensions.

Pin assignments on the Master:

v2 Pin Changes Master

Pin assignments on the Slave:

v2 Pin Changes Master